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Americano Exodus

By: Park JiEun
Americano Beans, who also goes by Amel, belongs to the prestigious and noble Bean family. He is the leader of a seven-member team of sorcerers who have been sent to Earth for one thing. They were tasked with the responsibility of capturing traitors and heretics, otherwise known as “The Twilight Dawn,” who ran away from their homeland. However, Amel himself is not far from being labeled as a heretic unless he continues to conceal his true gender. Interestingly, he was born as a male who can wield magic in a world where only females are known to possess this ability; and this secret is shared only among the members of the Beans family. Thus, he must simultaneously be wary of other people discovering his secret while also trying to prove himself to be a skilled sorcerer as he sets out into an unfamiliar world. ⓒ Americano Exodus / PARK JIEUN All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.


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