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Belle and the Beast's Labor Contract

By: HaeDal, Umeo
Belle isn't the classic beauty who falls in love and marries the Beast. She's a gunslinging tomboy who's out to revive her family's dying business, and love is nothing but a distraction to her. But when her father has a costly run-in with the local Beast, Belle is forced into a contract with the Beast himself in order to repay the debt. And thus, this "tale as old as time" takes a complicated twist. Despite the growing fondness the Beast has for Belle, our spitfire heroine refuses to fall in love! As outside forces begin to squeeze their way into the pair's lives, Belle and the Beast continue to clash over their views on romance. Will the two be able to close the distance between them to make it to the end of their contract? ⓒ2020.NEXTURE KOREA Inc. All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.


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