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Breathe, in the Memory

By: Hamzer, Magi, Chepali
[Age 16+ ver.] After living through an unspeakably traumatic childhood, Naeyeong refuses to even touch another human being. But things start to change the day Jin enters his cold, isolated world, bringing in a familiar warmth that Naeyeong had been stripped of along with his innocence. Unfortunately, Naeyeong still drowns within the ghosts of his past and is out for revenge against all those who submerged his life into suffocating darkness. He knows that with what he’s planning, he’s no good for Jin. And yet, is it even possible to stay away from the man who allows him to breathe again? This comic contains depictions of abduction, abuse, and sexual assault involving minors. Reader discretion is advised. ⓒ Hamzer, Magi(Original by Chepali) / Creative Horizon All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.
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