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Civilian A

By: 149, Golden Spirit
Ordinary civilian Howoo's day turns into a disaster movie when a giant monster ambushes his city. All he hopes for is a quick and painless death, so he's pleasantly surprised when he's whisked out of harm's way by celebrity esper Yool. When the charming esper moves in next door shortly after, Howoo feels like he's living in a romcom. Not only does Yool know Howoo's name, but he also shows an oddly friendly interest in him when he's just one of the many civilians he's saved. And for some reason, Howoo feels a tingling sensation whenever their hands touch... ⓒ Golden Spirit, 149 / SEOUL MEDIA COMICS, INC. All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.
12 chapters on sale
Ends Jun 18

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