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Critical Stage

By: Kim Sol Da
The international heartthrob Cesare Caruso harbors a secret: he's a dominant omega. One day, his heat strikes him unexpectedly at a masquerade ball, and he’s swept into a steamy encounter with a mysterious alpha. Cesare takes comfort in the knowledge that they wore masks but his relief turns to regret when he later discovers that his one-night stand was Zahir al-Tamid, Prince of Kazar. On top of that, he soon learns he’s pregnant and has unwittingly formed a mating bond with Zahir. The prince offers him only two choices—pay two billion dollars or marry him and bear his heir. Trapped between two equally unfavorable options, Cesare must now confront the quandary. With his reputation and future on the line, will he be able to find a way out of this predicament? Or is it already too late? ⓒ Kim Sol Da, We’ve Lab all rights reserved All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.

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