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Cross the Line

By: Yunmi Heo
Since the day she was born, Hayeon's life has been nothing but a series of misfortunes. Not only did she grow up with abusive parents, but she also received a 12-year prison sentence for their murder when she was 16. And as soon as she gets out of prison, she's dragged away to the infamous Supernova Capital because of her parents' massive debt. But when she faints there from exhaustion, a surprising someone takes pity on her-- the director of the loan company himself! That's how Hayeon wakes up to find herself at the aloof Taeman's home... and thus begins their life together under one roof. Though their situations are starkly different, it turns out that Taeman and Hayeon share a painful history of family-related trauma. Will the unlikely pair be able to find the light in the darkness of life by leaning on each other? ⓒ Yunmi Heo / Seoul Media Comics, Inc. All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.


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