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Deadman Switch

By: Eise
On a Christmas morning, Hohyun Jung wakes up from a deep slumber to learn the dormitory is in ruins, infested with zombies dripping black blood. Ominous halls filled with dreadful monsters force him into a frantic race for escape. Desperate for answers, Hohyun tries to find shelter and stumbles upon a mysterious man wielding a bloodstained fire axe. Enter Youngwon Ki, a remorseless undead slayer with a sharp tongue and a nasty attitude. Somehow, he seems to recognize Hohyun and is intent on keeping him alive. Thus begins their improbable journey to stay alive. But as Hohyun navigates this enigmatic apocalypse, he finds himself drawn to Youngwon's eccentricity. Welcome to a tale where life and death blur, where survival demands the resilience to face countless calamities. © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, WORDEXCERPT LLC. 2022 All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.

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