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Don't Touch Me!

By: Budingliuli, Jiu Yu
Princess Changning Xiao has always hated eunuchs, and no other eunuch has received more of her wrath than Xuan Shen. But after six years since Changning called Xuan a wimp and drove him out of the imperial palace, she’s ordered to become his wife! Adding to the misery, Xuan has now rid himself of his eunuch past and is the new ruthless military commander of Dongchang, an area that will decide the future of the Xiao imperial family. To Changning, it’s either get married to Xuan and die by his vengeful hands or refuse to get married and still die by his hands once her family’s power falls. Just how will she make it out of this situation alive? ⓒ Budingliuli+Jiu Yu / Kuaikan Comics All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.


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