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Floating in My Mind

By: hcy
Garam is a kind-hearted girl, but she’s a pariah at her small-town high school. Years ago, a falling out with the queen bee Jihye made her an outcast, and her classmates have since treated her as if she were invisible and nothing but thin air. When the ever-popular boy Sandeul moves back to town, Garam doesn’t recognize her childhood friend. But she catches him at an unguarded moment, discovering his secret: he has zero weight and floats up without his weighted shoes! Sandeul swears her to secrecy and helps her make friends in return. Now it’s Sandeul’s turn to be shocked: whenever he’s kind to Garam, his body gains weight and stays on the ground! The two clearly need each other, but will they manage to steer clear of the sabotaging Jihye and become true friends? ⓒ hcy 2021 All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.
Time Till Free


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