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For My Weirdo

By: DO.D
[Age 16+ ver.] Yoowol is a sensitive and vulnerable musician scraping his way through college. While haunted by his family's nightmarish tragedies, he is hunted down by the loan shark Jung-won, who has been keeping him in a forced relationship. Yoowol struggles with an urge to end his life, thinking he has finally reached his breaking point. Enter Yoon-gyeol, a weirdo offering to help him out. The hotshot CEO claims to know his pain, and crazily enough, he seems madly in love with him! Yoowol knows that kindness comes at a price. Will he accept Yoon-gyeol’s offer and find the will to live? ⓒ DO.D, Mr.Blue All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners. This comic contains depictions of non-consensual sexual acts and self-harm. Reader discretion is advised.
This is the all-ages version


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