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Her Ladyship's Double Life

By: Ari Choi, Jeu, kimbbo
Lady Lilian Isilot, while being one of many young ladies of high society, is known for her beauty and composure. In the Arman Kingdom, women with thin arms and legs who dress well and have mild manners are more likely to marry into prestigious families. This is why Lilian, who comes across as poised and reserved, is an ideal role model for other noble ladies despite being unmarried. So when the holy lord, Luth, appears before her and warns her of approaching evil and that she is to be his chosen warrior, Lilian quickly declines. But upon realizing that she has no choice in the matter and that saving the world will land her a kind, sexy, and hot blond husband she only sees in Wananet Flixenchil’s novels, Lilian decides to accept the mantle of warrior and lead a double life! ⓒ 2022 by kimbbo, Jeu, Ari Choi / YJ Comics All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.

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