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High and Mighty

By: Juni, Kang taesan, Yun Jun
Yong Cheonsang, the young lord of the great House Yongcheon, is a free soul. His main joy in life is exploring the world. As such, when his father tries to marry him off to supposedly the most beautiful woman in Bukgyeong area, he’s not interested in settling down in the least. He steals everything he can carry from the carriage transporting the wedding gifts meant for his bride and sets out on another adventure. Little does he know that out of the gifts he steals, there is a certain item that is the key to reviving the demonic sect. Will Cheonsang be able to vanquish the dark forces pursuing him and thwart their plans of rising to power once again? ⓒ DCCENT All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.


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