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I Became the Male Lead's Only Memory

By: Wooje
Waking up as background character Lorena Amelio, heir to the Amelio Earldom, is not ideal for our protagonist. Lorena is not even mentioned by name in the original novel and is killed long before the events of the novel take place. That’s why our new Lorena resolves to find a way to stay alive and at least enjoy her new life. Lorena’s savior comes unexpectedly in the form of the novel’s male lead, Leonard Xen Derkian, emperor in hiding, and a man cursed with forgetting everyone he cares for. Except, apparently, he can remember Lorena just fine. Maybe this is Lorena’s answer: she can stay with Leonard and help him until the female lead can come along and lift his curse once and for all. Lorena can prevent her death and the events of the novel won’t be affected. And everyone will live happily ever after. At least, that’s what Lorena thought would happen, but as we all know, things never turn out quite the way you expect. ⓒ Wooje / Contents Lab Blue / Localization WordExcerpt LLC. All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.

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