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I Bid You Adieu

By: YunYeoeum
Ayne le Poregrin has three trophies in her collection of men: a reluctant fiance held hostage by his debts, a fickle assassin paid to be her lover, and a soulless pet dog won at a slave auction. But when our protagonist suddenly wakes up one day as this femme fatale, it’s the worst possible surprise. As the villainess of the novel The Fairy Garden, the new "Ayne'' is fated to die a painful death at the hands of her very own trophies! To sidestep her grim future, she knows she'll need to break up with all three. As soon as she tries to say goodbye, however, each man becomes attached and won't leave her alone! Can Ayne turn their affections towards the story's heroine and save her own life in the process? ⓒ2018 YunYeoeum Golem Factory all rights reserved Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.
Time Till Free


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