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I Don't Want to Bed You!

By: LeuLeub, zigozi9, Beuta
[Age 16+ ver.] Good deeds don't always bring good karma, as Heather the tailor learns when she sews a trunk cover for an elephant shivering on the street. This elephant happens to be the god of love, Phoring, who "blesses" Heather by magically making her have a passionate romance with the most handsome man in the land. Unfortunately, this man is none other than Asher Renver, a priest determined to maintain his purity. The only way Heather can lift Phoring's cursed magic is to sleep with Asher, but how will she do that when the hot priest is closed off to her advances? This comic contains depictions of sexual harassment, dubious consent, and non-consensual sexual acts. Reader discretion is advised. ⓒ LeuLeub,zigozi9,Beuta/NEXCUBE All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.
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