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I Shall Kill That Sweet Devil

By: Nawuroo, ROSÉ, Y230, ggul ggi
Chloe Garnache is an alluring trap for the emperor. After living a life full of abuse at the hands of her family, Chloe is finally freed from her torture by the grand duke, Kairos Ludwig. However, her days of getting taken advantage of are far from over. The only reason Kairos took her in is because of her beauty, which he plans to use in order to lure and kill the emperor. Chloe willingly follows Kairos’ orders, having fallen for his kind and gentle gestures. Unfortunately, her feelings are never returned, and she is met with a pitiful death once her task is fulfilled. But just when things seem to be over, Chloe awakens to find herself back before her life came spiraling down. And this time, she won’t be swayed by the sweet words of the devilish grand duke… This comic contains suggestions of incest and abuse. ⓒ nuonmedia All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.

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