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I Sit Behind the Academy Heroine to the Right

By: Sarimang
Our main character loves web novels. He'll stay up till the sun comes up reading. But when he pulls an all-nighter to get to the end of Holy Sword Master of the Academy, he's a bit... disappointed. He wants to leave a strongly worded comment, but restrains himself, writing "That's it...?" But maybe that wasn't such a good idea, because he wakes up as a character in Holy Sword Master of the Academy. A female character. Now he's stuck in Scarlet Evande's body, but all he wants to do is be friends (or maybe more) with Sylvia Astra, and spends most of his school stipend buying Sylvia special macarons from the academy cafeteria. Maybe if Yoon Siwoo would stop crushing on Scarlet, his plan would be successful. As it stands, Sylvia is too jealous of Scarlet getting all of Siwoo's attention to want to be friends. Can he live as Scarlet? Will he ever get close to Sylvia? Can he survive at a school where failure means death? ⓒ 2021 Sarimang English Translation ⓒ 2022 by POPPYPUB LLC All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.

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