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I Tamed the Male Lead Who Tried to Kill Me

By: STUDIO Sigma, sugarjamong
Latia's family took in Karshian when his father went on a maritime expedition, but after rumors go around that he's dead, they treat him like a parasite. Egged on by her sadistic parents and desperate for their approval, Latia bullies Karshian relentlessly. However, when Karshian's father returns as a national hero and powerful duke, Karshian gets his revenge by executing Latia's entire family! As she recalls her last moments, she realizes that her family had been lying to her all along. So when she's thrown back into the past, she's determined to prevent her death and treat Karshian right this time. But this won't be easy when Karshian distrusts Latia's every move. Will Latia be able to win over Karshian and turn the tables on her family this time around, or is she doomed to die once more? ⓒ MZFAMILY All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.
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