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I'll Marry Him!

By: Carumok
Our female protagonist gets sucked into her favorite steamy romance novel, Night of the Sleepless Emperor, and finds herself in the body of the side character named Lilian McKellion. Not long after, her father—the avaricious Duke McKellion—offers her beloved sister Leylan to the tyrannical emperor, claiming that she has a unique ability to end the emperor’s insomnia. But knowing all too well that the duke’s self-serving plan will eventually lead to the family’s destruction, Lilian decides to enter the imperial castle instead of her sister. Now that she can foresee the upcoming events, Lilian intends to alter the unfortunate development of the original story and her doomed fate. Will she manage to cope with the notorious emperor and prevent him from destroying her family? ⓒ Carumok 2019 / A.TEMPO MEDIA All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.
Time Till Free


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