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It Was a Mistake, Grand Duke!

By: Sisse, joypyonn
Vivian Louis is the twenty-one-year-old daughter of a Count, a sweet and seemingly harmless girl who has only one guilty pleasure in life: thirsting after her crush, the breathtakingly handsome Grand Duke Lennox Elphidion Glenn! For her, it was love at first sight at the tender age of fourteen. That’s when she began obsessing over him, creating endless works of fan art and fan fiction. Then one day, an accident with her best friend’s magical crystal ball makes the unthinkable come true. The grand duke is kidnapped and tied up in her bed, and he’s telling her that she’s the kidnapper! Scrambling for a way out of this scandalous bind, the two agree to act like a couple. They even sign a one-year contract, but Lennox seems to want more than a fake relationship. Unbeknownst to Vivian, a full-blown romance is on its way. Could it be that her wildest fan fantasies will truly come to life? ⓒ joypyonn,Sisse 2021 / GOLEM FACTORY All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.
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