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Just Listen to What I Say: The Things I Want A Sadistic Doctor to Do to Me [Mature]

By: Chikuhime, Group Zero
[Mature Audiences only, Series Complete] "Shut up... Don't try to resist." He's not kind or sympathetic. He doesn't love me. But I still felt like I wanted to submit myself to him... Makoto is a newbie comic editor. After a one-night stand, she's worried she might be pregnant, so she goes in for an examination. There she meets a hot doctor, who is unlike any other guy she's ever seen! She unwittingly gets excited being examined by him, and then he...! He may be hot, but he doesn't understand a woman's feelings at all. While Makoto gets mad at his insensitive comments, she also feels strangely attracted to him. The other guys she knows are much nicer to her, and she also meets a handsome, younger guy who tries to get close to her. Yet she still can't forget about that sadistic doctor...!


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