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Kiss Me, Liar

In a world of Alphas, Betas, and Omegas, Seo Yeonwoo is grateful he’s a humble Beta and doesn’t have to deal with designation politics. That is, until a chance encounter with Extreme Alpha Keith Knight Pittman changes his life forever—and Yeonwoo presents as an Omega. Years later, Yeonwoo works as Keith’s secretary, but his boss has no memory of their first encounter, nor of the deep scar it left on Yeonwoo’s psyche; and Yeonwoo can’t help his secret desire for Keith. Yeonwoo’s trauma comes to the forefront, however, when he’s attacked at a party on Keith’s yacht. After Keith blames what occurred on Yeonwoo’s designation, Yeonwoo has had enough. A week later, Keith appears at his door, begging him to come back. Yeonwoo knows it’s wrong... but sometimes the things that hurt the worst are oh so sweet. ⓒ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, WORDEXCERPT LLC. All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.

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