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Like Family

By: Seo Woo
Being a famous celebrity isn’t easy, especially when you have no family to share your success with. After her mom’s death, A-list actress Han Nana is left all alone and in a total career slump. In comes Yoo Sungwoo, a high school senior and orphan who used to be close to Nana before her big break. Although Nana takes him in as a sort of younger brother, the longer they live together, the more apparent it becomes that Sungwoo doesn’t just think of her as an older sister. Meanwhile, Nana’s career starts looking up when she’s given a lead role in an upcoming romance drama. The only problem is that her counterpart is Lee Han, the famous actor who was once the root of Nana’s despair, though he doesn’t seem so cold to her this time around… ⓒ Seo Woo All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.
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