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Lottery Princess

By: Borimyeol, Dohin, MuMukyeong
Shushu has entered the chat: her own chat, that is! This modern-day game streamer turned tragic imperial princess has already lived and died twice, and by the third time around, she's hoping to finally break the cycle of rebirth. But God has other plans for her reincarnation, which involve her returning to the very palace that already killed her once before. Thankfully, she isn't reborn without any plot armor at all. Shushu is now blessed with the ability to interact with reality the way she did in her first life: through an online persona. And somehow, the people around her all seem to be avid fans of the stream that is her life. As elements of Shushu's previous lives collide, she'll try using her adorable charm and clever wit to amass loyal followers, rescue an empire, and ultimately beat the game. ⓒ MuMukyeong / Borimyeol / Dohin All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.

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