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Love Is War!

By: Wari, Yun Som
Lee Siyeon and Lee Sieon are fraternal twins and lifelong enemies. Constantly at each other’s throats since a young age, these two have competed over everything with older twin sister, Siyeon, usually coming out on top. From stealing his toys to stealing his girlfriends, Siyeon has always taken everything her little brother, Sieon, called his own. That must have been what motivated him to try to and steal her object of interest, Seo Taehyeon. Determined to turn the tables on his sister, Sieon bets Siyeon that he can get their classmate, Taehyeon, to ask him out before she can. And so, the war for Taehyeon’s love began. While gender preference would usually be a deciding factor, Taehyun has a traumatic secret that levels the playing field for the twins. Unless he can get over his painful past, it’s truly anyone’s game and the loser will have to quit school, leave home, and never show their face in front of the winner again. But, with everyone toying with each other’s emotions and prying deeper into their private lives, will anyone really come out a winner? ⓒ Yun Som, Wari 2021 All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.
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