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Love Me Again [Mature]

By: Cheetamen
[Mature Audiences Only] Ye Wooju has all but given up on remembering who he is after a terrible accident leaves him with amnesia. But he's hit with a cold hard case of déjà vu when illustrious actor Lee Youngwon shows up on his doorstep. While the film star claims to be an old friend, a few steamy encounters suggest their relationship went far deeper than that. Now, with his supposed ex-lover being the epitome of everything he once aspired to be, Wooju starts to think maybe his old self is worth remembering. But what if the past holds such dark secrets that forgetting was the only way to move on? As Wooju grapples with his trauma and a celebrity heartthrob determined to win him over, reigniting the flame he and his friend once shared might just be the key to remembering his true self. ⓒ Cheetamen Mr.Blue All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.
It’s confirmed! Season 2 will be back on 7/26.
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