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Manhattan Romance

By: Chilbam, FYORYU
[Age 16+ ver.] Hyeon is a talented young artist living in the Big Apple, though you'd never know it if you saw him cleaning hotel rooms or bussing tables at one of his many jobs. But despite his best efforts to keep his head down, trouble finds him when an invaluable item disappears from an important guest's room during one of his housekeeping shifts. Hyeon is then whisked into the depths of Room 605 where he meets Luwan, one of several people in a mysterious organization desperate to retrieve the missing item. While Hyeon is initially unable to contribute much to the search, Luwan finds himself drawn in by the young man's naïveté and wanting to give the sheltered artist a taste of the glamorous life. And as their encounters become more regular, Hyeon begins to see the roguishly charming Luwan as a muse. ⓒ FYORYU, Chilbam Mr.Blue All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.
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