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Mookhyang: Dark Lady

By: JEON DongZo, KUKIT, LEE JaeHun
The exceptional martial artist and proud hierarch of the Demonic Sect, Mookhyang, winds up in a strange new fantasy realm after falling victim to a curse cast by his enemies, the Blood Sect. But when Mookhyang’s incredible control over qi, or mana, becomes known, it’s only a matter of time before he gets cursed again… and turned into a young lady?! In this world of elves, mages, knights, and dragons, will a mastery of Chinese martial arts be enough for one man (or woman) to fight his way back home? Or will this humbled warrior finally concede defeat? Based on the mega-hit fantasy/martial arts novel series that sold over 3 million volumes in Korea, this long-awaited official comic adaptation begins the story at part 2, the Dark Lady saga. Mookhyang: Dark Lady ⓒ KUKIT, LEE JaeHun, JEON DongZo / Haksan Publishing Co.,Ltd. All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.

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