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My Brother's Lover

By: leehana
[Age 16+ ver.] Jinha meets his deceased brother's former roommate and lover, Won, at his brother's funeral, and falls for him instantly. Despite Jinha's estranged relationship with his brother, he and Won share a passionate moment and embark on a romantic relationship. Won becomes Jinha's only escape from the tragedy surrounding him. However, Won's charming demeanor begins to crack and reveals his possessiveness and manipulation, which seep into every aspect of Jinha's life. As their relationship intensifies, Jinha will have to face the reality of Won's dark side, or he might find himself trapped in something much more poisonous than he ever imagined. ⓒ leehana / CRACK ENT All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.
It’s confirmed! Season 2 will be back on 6/29.
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