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My Life as a Player

By: BALLO, GaVinGe
Earth has long become accustomed to the strange and frightening phenomenon of “dimensional gates” that suddenly appeared over a hundred years ago. These gates brought on many new changes including the birth of heroes called “hunters” who could fight back the monsters that came out of the gates. However, because these hunters were specially chosen by transcendent beings called “sponsors,” the hunters began to call themselves “gods” and organized a new world order called “Eden.” Unfortunately, the people who were not chosen became slaves to the hunters and these self-proclaimed gods. Now, in the present, Junkyung Lee, a powerless ordinary person, is training hard so that he can get sponsored to be a hunter. However, in the middle of his training, he and his mentor, Sungkoo, suddenly get attacked by the ruler of Eden. Before Junkyung gets killed, Sungkoo manages to send Junkyung back a hundred years into the past with the task of changing the course of history and the fabric of society. ⓒ GaVinGe & BALLO / Terapin All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.

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