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Obscene Contract

By: Songyi Han, DANROIL, Yang Kwa Lam
[Age 16+ ver.] Hana Won works as an analyst for a domestic baseball team because of a 10-year crush on ex-classmate and MLB player, Jinhwon Kim. She dedicates much of her time recording everything about him in hopes of meeting him again. As it turns out, fate might finally be on her side because Jinhwon suddenly announces that he is returning to South Korea to join Hana’s baseball team. However, upon his return, Jinhwon does not even recognize Hana and coldly rejects her confession. Dejected and hurt, Hana decides to blackmail Jinhwon into entering a contractual relationship which creates new issues that neither expected. ⓒ Songyi Han, DANROIL, Yang Kwa Lam / Seoul Media Comics, Inc. All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.
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