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Our Ball Begins at Moonrise

By: Koodo, neuri, salmonberry
Once upon a time, Iris' greatest challenge as a socially inept mage was receiving the occasional client at her workshop. Little did she know that the nasty woman knocking on her door would change that forever. One violent confrontation later, the two women end up switching bodies-- and as it turns out, Iris' new body belongs to the kingdom's infamous shrew, Queen Rosemary! With her original body damaged and the real Rosemary dead, Iris must continue living as the queen. But that's easier said than done when the entire royal court hates her, especially her fiery husband the king... who Rosemary was conveniently plotting to dethrone with the help of her many lovers. Needless to say, Iris is woefully unprepared for the deadliest "ball" of her life, and not just because she's a terrible dancer. All she can do is pray that the moon will guide her through these hopelessly dark times! ⓒ Koodo, neuri, salmonberry / studio ALIVE All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.
It’s confirmed! New chapters will be back on 7/25.
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