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Patience, My Lady!

By: daybook, ebisushi
When the Kingdom of White was conquered 500 years ago, the king and his subjects were exiled to a small tract of wasteland covered in ice. There they endured cold and hunger, relying on the magic of Archmage Yggdrasil to build the world’s smallest self-governing territory. As the last heir to her family, Rose now rules over this land as its lord. Rescuing former citizens who have fallen prey to trafficking abroad, she pours her heart and soul into making them thrive at home. But first things first, she must fill up the treasury to fund this mission! The business-savvy lord invites dragons, dwarfs, and elves to join in the effort, turning White into a haven for all races. Yggdrasil couldn’t be prouder of this utopia in the making, but will Lord Rose ever get to leave her money troubles behind? ⓒ daybook, ebisushi /SMC All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.
Time Till Free


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