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Plaza Wars

By: Kim gyun tae, O se hyung
As the toughest fighter in the world of crime, Gijun claims victory in a battle that ends the long power struggle between Seoul's gangs. But when his brother Giseok rises in rank within the enemy group, Gijun decides to slash his own heel and leave the business to avoid fighting him. Just when all seems at peace 15 years later, Giseok is mysteriously ambushed and killed in cold blood right before his own retirement. Filled with a chilly rage, Gijun sets off on a one-man hunt to track down everyone involved in his brother's death. And he has a feeling he doesn't need to look far to find the main culprit... With revenge and old gang rivalries factoring into the equation, Seoul's underbelly is in for yet another grisly bloodbath! ⓒ O se hyung & Kim gyun tae 2020 All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners. This comic contains depictions of violence and crude language. Reader discretion is advised.
Time Till Free


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