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Prayers of the Vulgar [Mature]

By: KM, Mangmyo
[Mature Audiences Only] The servant of God, Saharo, breaks the biggest rule for an angel when she momentarily sympathizes with Evil. After letting Evil escape from heaven’s grasp, Saharo loses her angelic wings and won’t be able to reascend until she destroys the dark enemy once and for all. There’s just one problem: her target is reincarnated as a human boy named Yannick Unbrey. While angels have the power to eliminate Evil, they are forbidden from ever killing a human being. Thus, Saharo’s only choice is to watch over the boy and make sure the darkness within him never awakens. But the older Yannick gets, the more he becomes tainted by the wicked nature of the world. Will Saharo be able to protect Yannick from his slumbering demon, or will she end up giving in to its sinful call with him? ⓒ Mangmyo, KM / Daewon C.I. Inc. All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.


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