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Profundis [Mature]

By: Eise, Jaeyoung, Morphish
[Mature Audiences Only] 13 years ago, Baek Yugeon and his brother were the sole survivors of a mysterious anomaly attack, leaving them “awakened.” While his brother obtained supernatural powers, Yugeon became a “guide,” a being who is able to keep such powers under control through physical touch. When the same anomaly appears again, Yugeon’s brother is left in critical condition with the only one who can save him being Woo Shinje, an S-class awakened and the commander of the hunting order, Erewhon. In exchange, Yugeon must serve as the guide to Shinje’s team, which consists of the withdrawn Joo Taein, the beastly Yoon Chan, and the sadistic Kwon Heesu. Though Shinje seems like the nicest on the team, he might prove to be the most dangerous when he states another condition: Yugeon must follow him into the pit where the very anomaly responsible for all his tragedies awaits… ⓒ Jaeyoung, Morphish, Eise All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners. *This comic contains graphic depictions of violence and suggestions of self-harm. Reader discretion is advised.
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