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Reforming the Obsessive Male Lead

By: Debin, HI, Purple Lemon
When Rachel de Erlando opens her eyes, she realizes she has woken up as a character inside some webnovel. After the initial shock abates, she adapts quickly and leads a happy life with her new parents, or at least, until they die from an accident. Not long after, she gets adopted by Duke Leon, her father’s best friend, and is introduced to her adoptive brother, Lucian de Leon. Rachel finally realizes that she woke up in her favorite BL webtoon which she was reading in her past life. She also recalls that Lucian is the traumatized and obsessive male lead who meets a tragic end but not before he gets tormented by Rachel and consequently kills her. In order to save her favorite character and avoid getting killed herself, Rachel is determined to change the narrative of the story! ⓒ Debin & HI & Purple Lemon / Terapin All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.
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