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Seducing the Lady's Lover

By: Dian, MQ, Sardonyx
Ridel Cross is simply the fourth daughter of an ordinary knight, or at least, she was until her 18th birthday when she awakened her barrier magic skills. When the emperor learned of her magic skills, he summoned her to work for him. Sadly, “work” in the emperor’s definition meant being locked up in a magic tower to be treated worse than a slave and used as a tool. One day, after 10 long years of misery, Ridel cries herself to sleep while rueing the day she revealed her barrier magic. She silently wishes that she could go back to her 18th birthday and change her life. Magically, this wish does come true and Ridel wakes up back at home on the day of her 18th birthday. Upon realizing that she had returned to the past, she vows to live a life free of magic and becomes a maid at a count’s estate. Unfortunately, her dream of living a peaceful life comes crashing down when she sees the estate’s butler, Graham, who has the exact same facial features as the emperor in her previous life. Is she doomed to never escape the grasp of the emperor, or is this just some crazy coincidence? ⓒ Sardonyx & DIAN & MQ / Terapin All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.
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