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Silly Little Abella

By: A-me, Son young su, Park seung-a
Seokyung Kang was a prominent math instructor in South Korea before getting hit by a truck and waking up as Abella Delure in another world. As it turns out, Abella is the beautiful but intellectually challenged daughter of Archduke Delure. Unfortunately, before she can grasp her new reality, she is forced to marry an imperial prince who is rumored to be a hunchback with burns all over his body. Thus, she plots an escape but ends up meeting her new husband and realizes that in fact, he is not only handsome but also very caring. Will Abella be able to figure out her mysterious husband and navigate her way through the imperial palace? ⓒ Park seung-a / A-me / Son young su/ team maetgamari All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.


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