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Soundless Cosmos

By: Dingbing
Despite loving music, Xiaochao avoids playing the piano because bad things happen whenever she does. One day, however, she gives into temptation and plays the piano at her school. Not only does her melody shatter a window, but it also attracts two boys, Michael and Tod... who happen to be an angel and a grim reaper! Xiaochao learns that they're both on a mission to restore the shattered genesis piano, a powerful treasure of the cosmos that keeps the world moving. What's more, her music has the power to awaken the genesis piano's keys that have scattered throughout the world and lie dormant in people. Both Michael and Tod want Xiaochao's help in restoring the piano, but Xiaochao isn't sure she wants the crazy responsibility of saving the cosmos. Will she decide to step up to the keyboard, even if it means attracting superhuman enemies in the process? ⓒ Dingbing / Kuaikan Comics All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.


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