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Starlight Scandal

By: KR
In showbiz, anything can make or break you -- top actor Eunseong knows this all too well. A video of him confronting a stalker fan has gone viral and it could derail his career! His managers insist he needs to boost his image somehow. Enter Woojoo, the main dancer for a struggling idol group called Noble. They're total opposites: Eunseong is cold and commanding, while Woojoo is sweet and naive. But they're perfect for a “show-window bromance,” a fake friendship to make Eunseong look more appealing as he pretends to take Woojoo under his wing. As the unlikely duo becomes more popular, the stalker's return could destroy not only their fame, but their very lives... But is their bromance really all an act and nothing more? ⓒ KR, All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.


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