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Thank You, Doctor

By: Hengxingyinli, Pingwusuan, Shengli, XueYang
Many of the brightest minds in medicine assemble in the emergency ICU, which makes it the perfect place for two budding young doctors to hone their craft. And that is exactly what happens when sharp-tongued beauty Xiao Yan and handsome former neurosurgeon Bai Shu are both placed in leadership positions in the fast-paced medical unit. While their clashing styles when practicing medicine often put them at odds, as professionals, they understand that the patient must always come first. One case at a time, these doctors will push the limits of what medicine is capable of, and in doing so, they might just learn enough from each other to see past their differences. Perhaps fate has even brought them together for a reason. ⓒ XueYang+Shengli/Hengxingyinli+Pingwusuan / Kuaikan All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.


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