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The Antagonist's Pet

By: Harnenn
Blessed with the face of an angel, young Sasha Tartt knows a life-altering secret: in this romance novel where she’s just a side character, she’s the only one who knows the true ending! When the antagonist of the story takes a particular liking to her, she must decide between helping the clever and beautiful Rebecca find a happy ending, or siding with the sweet-natured protagonist to ensure her own survival. On top of that, Sasha has to juggle the affections of her bespectacled love interest and tame a dragon boy! Sasha will have to use all of her charm and wit to win the hearts of the main characters and change the fates of those she cares about. ⓒ Harnenn 2017 / D&C MEDIA All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.
Time Till Free


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