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The Boomerang Duke

By: Lellé
When her father squanders the family’s wealth on gambling and ends up taking his own life, Silvia has no choice but to cope with a stepmother and a stepsister treating her like a maid. Then, on her eighteenth birthday, Silvia learns of their plan to marry her off to a moneyed old bachelor and decides to run away. While considering her options for the next step, she recalls the infamous war fanatic Duke Victor Aswan has been away fighting on battlegrounds, leaving his castle unattended for seven years. Silvia finagles her way into the castle by pretending to be his lover from a foreign country, pregnant with his child. Alas, not long after, Duke Aswan suddenly returns, and Silvia is now desperate to find ways to get out of the place alive. What will be her next trick to get over this major hitch in her plan and escape from the bloodthirsty duke? ⓒ Lellé / Enlitmedia All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.
Time Till Free


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