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The Fake Husband In A Strange Palace

By: Shujichel
Two weeks before his wedding, the prince Sir Eusel serves disappears. Now Eusel is stuck pretending to be the prince and is shipped off to the wedding in his liege’s stead. As if impersonating royalty wasn't enough, the lowly knight is plunged into a marriage with the crown princess of the Gishuen Empire, and the fate of his home country depends on how well he can play the part. Everything happens at lightning speed despite Eusel's worries about getting caught. On top of everything, his new wife, Princess Aethenia, is colder than Eusel thought she would be, and the twists and turns of life in the imperial palace are starting to take a toll on him. Will Eusel be able to survive? ⓒ Shujichel / Munpia Inc. / Localization WordExcerpt LLC. All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.

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