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The Princess After the Revolution

By: Eu-Aeng
When Lee Cheong-Ha managed to score a stable job, it seemed she had finally gotten over the trauma of her past life as the young princess of Eophilt. That is until she walks into her new office to find her former knight standing next to the ex-lover who executed her… or, at least, they look like them. She resolves herself to put her memories behind her and adjust to working side-by-side with the living ghosts of her past. But, she realizes she's not the only one who remembers who they all used to be. Things only grow more complicated as office crushes are revealed, new members of the Kingdom of Eophilt appear around Seoul, and hiding their connection starts to bring up suspicions at work. Will Cheong-ha finally be freed from the mysteries of her past to live her best life in the present? ⓒ Eu-Aeng All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.


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