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The Reason She Is Avoiding Her Childhood Friend

By: Galin-Seo, Haemjjimil, Kia, RSY
After being reborn as a baby in a new world, Arendine Ade is determined to make this life better than her last! Once a miserable and underpaid college drop-out, now she is the daughter of a baronet. With an early start to her education, she makes it her goal in this life to become a government employee – everyone knows they get the best benefits, after all. Unfortunately, her diligent studies are interrupted by the appearance of Kiershka Reinfont, the son of the grand duke. Despite his angelic face, he’s a rotten bully with the manners of a devil, and worst of all, he’s taken an interest in Arendine. With her new life at stake, Arendine will do whatever it takes to make sure this new “friend” doesn’t mess things up! ⓒ NUONMEDIA All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.


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