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The Sultan's Love

By: GGONG, chyomchyom
[Age 16+ ver.] For eleven years, Sayeh has resided in the sultan’s harem, staying out of sight and doing her best to avoid attracting any attention. All that changes when one night, she happens across the sultan’s path and is called to his bedchamber… But just when all seems lost for Sayeh, news of a sudden revolt by the ninth prince, Kainer, rocks the palace. Under Kainer’s rule, all the other women are set free from the harem, and Sayeh hopes that her freedom may finally be within reach as well. Instead, the newly crowned sultan pays her a personal visit, expressing feelings for Sayeh that she never could've imagined. But does Kainer’s love offer her salvation or ruin…? ⓒ GGONG, chyomchyom / Gaha Webtoon All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.
This is the all-ages version


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