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The Tyrant's Etiquette Tutor

By: Hyla
Livia Blanche, the sole daughter of Duke Blanche, is known for her unparalleled beauty and impeccable etiquette. Prince Croft is the male protagonist who, at a young age, is banished by the emperor and brought back to the capital by Duke Blanche after nearly two decades following the emperor’s death. The duke has a grand plan: to enthrone the prince and secure his daughter’s place as the future empress. Livia now has to teach all the proper etiquette and fineries to Croft. They seem like a match made in heaven—except Livia is fated to meet a violent death at the hands of this prospective tyrant. Livia must find ways to escape her doom while the prince still needs the duke’s support. ⓒ Hyla, Editio Publishing LLC, All rights reserved Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.

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