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The Tyrant's Only Perfumer

By: Team DEAD SHELL, fairydragon
A young woman of 25 lies sick in a hospital bed with a terminal illness. She curiously wonders to herself how the romance fantasy novel she was reading ends as she laments the end of her life. Strangely enough, the next time she opens her eyes, she finds herself in a completely new world. It turns out that she had woken up in the body of the novel’s antagonist, Ariel Winston, who is obsessed with the male lead, Duke Cedric Evans, a man cursed to go mad with bloodthirst without a special scent that only Ariel can provide. However, in this novel, Ariel is executed after being condemned for a scheme against the duke’s lover. Thus, in order to escape yet another miserable death, the young woman who woke up in Ariel’s body must distance herself from Cedric and navigate through this new life as best as she can. Though, unlike in the novel, Cedric does not seem willing to easily let her distance herself from him… ⓒ fairydragon & Team DEAD SHELL / COPIN All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.


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